"Emilee has developed socially amongst her peers. She has learned how to follow instructions with minimal prompts. She continues to love attending ballet class on a weekly basis."--Elizabeth Flores 

"Bella loves this class. She looks forward to coming each Sunday. Everyone is so nice to volunteer their time. Thank you for doing this."--Rizelma McHugh

"The socialization with other kids and the exercise has been very beneficial to my daughter. She is not so social on her own. The prompting and interaction with dance is great."--Rose Meyers




“Free 2 Be Me is both a dance program that is its own reward and a powerful conduit for Melissa to come into her own as a young woman. That must be one of the universal powers of ballet, and as true for gifted dancers as it is for Melissa. I'm sure, as a dancer, you understood this, but for me, it wasn't so clear what the impact could be.” –Cheryl Hein