Did you know?

Givers are happier than non-givers.

And happy people can help spread good giving news.

• People who give money to charity are 43 percent more likely than non-givers to say they are “very happy” about their lives. Volunteers are 42 percent more likely to be very happy than non-volunteers. (Source: Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey)

• People who give money are 34 percent less likely than non-givers to say they feel “so sad that nothing could cheer them up.” They are also 68 percent less likely to feel “hopeless” and 24 percent less likely to say “everything is an effort.” (Source: University of Michigan Panel Study of Income Dynamics)

• The happiness difference between givers and non-givers is not due to differences in personal characteristics, income or religion. Imagine two people identical in terms of income, faith, age, education, politics, gender and family circumstances, but one is a donor and volunteers and the other doesn’t. The giver will be, on average, 11 percentage points more likely to be 7 Why We Are Compelled to Give very happy than the non-giver. (Source: University of Michigan Panel Study of Income Dynamics)

​Chicken, meet egg: It might not be that giving increases our happiness, but that our happiness increases the likelihood that we will give. Everyone prefers to give more when they are happy, and giving has a strong, positive causal impact on our happiness.

People get happy and have higher life satisfaction with many informal and nontraditional types of charity, like giving money to a homeless person on the street or giving directions to a stranger. They can also get happy joining local causes by broadcasting, sharing and liking news of a fundraising or volunteer opportunity

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